How I am making the change in my life!

I am on a mission to build my own business because I’m ready for a change. I’m seeing success and it excites me!

Are you interested in learning more about network marketing and how it can benefit you? Many people run away from the term “network marketing” but I don’t know why, everyone shops Online. It’s the ERA of the Internet, in 5 years who knows where it will be. If you interested in learning more, message me!  


Making a Life Change is not easy, but it is possible!

Eight months ago I decided I needed a career change but didn’t know where to start. I took the leap and started my own online business and it’s powerful to have a plan in motion! The internet is unlimited and the opportunities are endless. Are you ready for a change? Curious about how this can benefit you? Whether you want a career change or you need a financial change, if you are determined to make a change, you can! Explore your options and message me today!

Discover ways to change your career or financial situation!

All you need is WiFi and a dream!

FortyandYonder with NicholaMarie


An opportunity-working from home

Working from home would give me the opportunity to be home when my children are home, cook healthy dinners every night and workout in the afternoon.  This job opportunity is not for everyone, however there are many work from home jobs you can find, it's about finding the one that works for you.