My Favorite Things to Drink, Eat or Cook with.

Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea– OMG, where have you been all my life. Quick story…I took a drive with my 16 year old daughter and we stopped at Dunkin Donuts of course. I saw Matcha on the menu and my daughter told me to get it because it was “healthy.” So I did, it was sooo good. I did my research and sure enough, it is VERY Healthy. There are many brands out there and you need to be sure you are getting good quality. It isn’t cheap but I haven’t drank coffee since I found Matcha. Love it!

Organic Coconut Flour– If you love to bake and want to keep it healthier and gluten free, I love this flour and almond flour. There are a ton of recipes online to follow that make amazing breads, cakes, etc. I don’t use any other flours for anything anymore. Give it a try!

Almond Flour– Like coconut flour, this is my go to for baking or for any recipe that calls for flour. This one is blanched, which means the almonds were peeled prior to making it into powder. This eliminates the lectins which could cause digestion upset.

Organic, Pure, Raw, Unfiltered Honey– If you cannot get local Honey, this is the next best honey to get. Honey in its raw form is free of added ingredients…it is in it’s purest form. I love to add a little my my hot tea at night.

Blanched Whole Almonds– What the heck is blanched, right? I just learned this and discovered these! Almond skin has lectins and lectins can cause all kinds of havoc on our guts and because I struggled with digestion issues for so long I decided to do away with lectins. These skinless almonds have no added salt or sugar and are smooth and tasty.

Almond Butter– skinless again so it is free of lectins, smooth, keto, paleo, non-gmo and more. This is the first almond butter I found that the whole family enjoys! Win!

Magnesium Citrate Capsules– As I have mentioned, I struggled with digestions issues (past tense), this is another item that has helped me regulate in the most natural way. Magnesium is a mineral that is critical for energy production and metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and bone mineralization. Many times we don’t get enough. I take one capsule before each meal (3 a day.) This and my Apple Cider Vinegar below has made me regular again!

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar– I drink a teaspoon every morning mixed with 12 ounces of warm water. I swear this has helped my digestion go back to normal. It’s natural cleansing power has balanced me out. Between this and magnesium, I am regular again.

Digestion and Detox Tea Set– Who doesn’t love a good quote at night on their Yogi Tea bag? This set is perfect for night before bed. All organic and caffeine free with the exception of one Green Tea! I love to use my electric kettle…boils my water in seconds.

Organic Ground flaxseed – Love one serving a day either in my shake, salad or even pancake batter for extra fiber and Omega 3. This supports a healthy heart and digestion balance.

Whole Grain Millet– When people say they are going Gluten free or are told to go Gluten free it can be overwhelming at first. But on my journey I have found my carbs that are gluten free and I love them, millet is one of them.

Organic Hemp Protein Powder– I have tried at least 10 protein powders and this is the first that left me feeling great, no bloat, no gas and full for hours. 19g of plant based protein,  9 Essential Amino Acids and Has a Perfect Balance of Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids, no added ingredients, sugars, chemicals, etc! Add your own flavors.

Sweet Leaf Stevia Liquid– I used stevia powdered packets for awhile because stevia was the healthiest option, but then I learned it was packed with chemicals too. What isn’t these days, right? Well, these drops are in the naturalist form with only two ingredients, stevia leaf extract and inulin, a soluble vegetable fiber. Inulin is a naturally occurring prebiotic that nourishes the body’s good intestinal flora, supporting good digestive health and immune function. Two drops and I am good to go!

Premium MCT Oil– Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of fat that may help your body achieve Ketosis – the process which your body burns fat for energy. I love to cook with this because it can heat to 500 degrees unlike extra virgin olive oil.

Organic Hemp Seeds-With 10g of Plant based protein and 12g of Omega 3 and 6, plus magnesium, iron, zinc and fiber…this is a super seed that I love to sprinkle on my breakfast cereal, in my shakes, on salads and more.

Organic Amaranth– This is one of my favorite gluten free whole grains. This is great as a hot breakfast cereal or a side dish! Add seasoning or berries and nuts!

Zero Water / Water Filter 10 cups – game changer for me in the water category. For those that know me, I am obsessed with water and never leave home without my water bottle. I always drank tap until I learned better. This comes with a water tester and I was shocked at my tap water levels. This water filer is the bomb! Check it out!

Organic Brown Rice Cereal– Whole grain, one ingredient, gluten free and my favorite breakfast eaten hot topped with berries, walnuts, hemp seed, almond milk and cinnamon.