Magic Plate

Stable blood sugar is the number one way to improve health for most of us. The Magic Plate brings a combination of protein, fat, and fiber into each meal and snack and that’s going to stabilize your blood sugar. If you’re going to have caffeine or sugar this combination is especially important because protein, fat, and fiber will slow the absorption of sugar and caffeine, and, therefore, you’re more likely to maintain stable blood sugar and less stress on your body. When your blood sugar is not stable, it creates cravings and it makes it very difficult to achieve health goals.

Let’s look at some examples of Magic Plate Meals.

Breakfast, Coffee and a Muffin

In this breakfast you have caffeine in the coffee and simple carbohydrates in the muffin. This is almost no protein, no fat, and very little fiber in this breakfast. Will this balance your blood sugar or send you on a blood sugar roller coaster?

It’s going to send you on the blood sugar roller coaster, because there’s no protein, there’s no fat, there’s no fiber to slow down the absorption of the caffeine from the coffee and the sugar from the muffin into your bloodstream. So you’re going to feel high and then you’re going to crash.

Breakfast, Coffee with grassfed butter and 2 Eggs

We still have coffee, but we added the grass-fed butter (learn about this more here) and healthy fat and protein from the two hard-boiled eggs. Is this is a magic plate?

In this breakfast, you have the healthy fat in the butter which is going to slow the absorption of caffeine. Then you have the protein and the healthy fat in the hard-boiled eggs. You will likely have some kind of blood sugar burst from the caffeine, that fat and protein will slow it down and you’ll feel more stabilized and energized. To make this complete, add in sauteed greens, brown rice or a sweet potato.

Lunch, diet Coke and a green salad

Nice salad with a diet coke, this is good right? Is this a magic plate? Nope. The caffeine and the artificial sweeteners in the diet Coke trigger the blood sugar roller coaster and the salad has no protein, little fiber and little fat if any. There’s nothing in the salad that’s going to slow the absorption of caffeine and the artificial sweeteners.

Your blood sugar is on a roller coaster now, you crash in the afternoon and binge eat because you are hungry. Many people say, “I have a binge-eating problem.” But they really have, “I’m not-eating-enough-protein-and-fat problem.”

Lunch, diet Coke with a green salad topped with chicken and avocado

Is this a magic plate? In this salad you have healthy proteins, you have fat from the almonds, you have fiber. All of that slows down the blood sugar roller coaster effect of the diet Coke. The next step is letting the diet coke go…knowing it is causing your blood sugar to be out of balance and stressing your body.

Dinner, wine, pasta, and tomato sauce

This plate is loaded with simple carbohydrates that break down into sugar fast. You don’t have any protein, fat and little fiber to slow down the absorption of the simple sugars. This meal is sending you straight to the blood sugar roller coaster and to make it worse it is happening at night. Let’s make this pasta dish into a magic plate.

Dinner, wine pasta, organic cheese, chicken and kale

The kale, chicken and cheese are slowing down the absorption of the sugars from the pasta. It’s filling you up and it’s more satisfying. Notice you don’t necessarily have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods.

You will notice a difference when making small shifts to a magic plate which means having protein, fat, and fiber with your meals. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Instead, find the highest quality version of them and combine them in a way that stabilizes blood sugar by adding protein, fat, and fiber. That makes a magic plate.