Meal Timing

Meal timing is important in balancing blood sugar too. Eating sporadically can create extreme highs and lows for your blood sugar levels, which creates stress on the body.

Eating only once a day or having a light or small snack in the morning with a heavy or big dinner at night is setting your system up to be in survival mode, rather than being able to heal, repair, and thrive.

On the other-side, eating frequently throughout the day can also be stressful on the body and lead to insulin resistance, which means your body requires higher levels of insulin to bring the blood glucose concentration back down to a balance.

Rule of thumb is…eat within 1 hour of waking up a balanced breakfast that includes protein, green, fat and whole grain, 3-4 hours later a balanced lunch and before 7pm a balanced dinner. If you are hungry in between, snack on nuts, seeds, fruit or vegis!

By meal timing, spacing meals throughout the day, having minimal snacks and nutrient balanced meals, you are setting your self up for success.

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