How to Find a Hobby when you don’t know what you like?

Hobbies are important to our healthy believe it or not. Finding something that takes your mind off of the everyday hustle will relieve tension and stress, build confidence, strengthen your memory and build relationships to name a few. Hobbies are for your pure enjoyment and should not be work. Research shows that people who have hobbies are generally much happier.

10 Things You can do Now to be Happier

Feeling Good Finding what makes you happy is good for your health. When you are able to find balance between family, friends and yourself, you are better able to deal with your emotions, both negative and positive. When challenges arrive you are more able to handle them. Problems are easier to solve and you feel … Continue reading 10 Things You can do Now to be Happier

Finding your Passion-My Journey

You Are Your Choices I hope to inspire you and motivate you to grow. My journey through self-development began during the summer of 2017 and I didn’t plan it. The department I worked for moved to a location that was an hour from my home. My office was already a toxic environment with low morale … Continue reading Finding your Passion-My Journey