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Healthy Eating and Meal Prepping

When you feel hungry and are not prepared with healthy options, you will most likely choose the easy option like a bag of chips or cookies.  Its always best to keep the junk food out of your cabinets.

If you plan your meals and snacks for the week you will feel organized and less anxious; plus it will save you time during the week to do other things, like workout!  Here are a few sites! 

11 Clean Eating Meal-FitnessPal

9 Meal Prep Idea-Health

25 Healthy Lunches for People who hate salad

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Exercise and Movement

Healthy Mind and Body

Seven Benefits to Regular exercise!

Studies have found that exercise helps depression. It moves your blood, gets your sweat glands working, and distracts from daily stress.  Have you ever wondered why you feel so happy after a workout?

I personally love this site if I don't go to the gym!

Find out how many calories you should consume to aquire your desired wieght.

Keep track of your food here

Do you have a favorite workout you'd like to share?