Covid-19-Journey through the Days / Connecticut Updates

May 17, 2020 Day 63 Another week has come and gone. Lots of the same happened this week but the most memorable wasn't a happy one. One of the French bull dogs, Penny had to go back to NYC. Doriana was so sad, but recovered within a couple days. Lots of tears. We all did … Continue reading Covid-19-Journey through the Days / Connecticut Updates

How to Shift Your Skin Care Routine from Summer to Fall!

It’s time to swap out your light moisturizer for a thicker hydrating one! Don’t wait for your skin to be screaming for love!

7 Ways to Make Your Eyes Appear Larger and Brighter!

Typically women desire to have youthful look forever. However, nature does not work that way and we all begin to see the signs of aging. The good news is there are things we can do to brighten and widen our eyes in order to give us a more youthful look.

How to Train for a 5k (3.1 miles) when you aren’t a runner!

Anyone can run, and there are simple steps to get there. Running, jogging and even walking are great for your health mentally and physically.

How to Find a Hobby when you don’t know what you like?

Hobbies are important to our healthy believe it or not. Finding something that takes your mind off of the everyday hustle will relieve tension and stress, build confidence, strengthen your memory and build relationships to name a few. Hobbies are for your pure enjoyment and should not be work. Research shows that people who have hobbies are generally much happier.

Combat dry, dull, aging skin.

Staying healthy as we age isn’t as easy as it was in our more youthful years! Follow me as I share things I learn on how to stay healthy as we age! #Fortyandyonder #LivingHealthywithNicholaMarie #agingbackwards

3 Walking Plans to Help you Lose Weight

Challenge yourself Will walking help you lose weight?  The answer is YES! If you are just starting your fitness journey or are looking for a new routine, walking could be a good workout as long as you follow some basic steps to increase the amount of calories you burn. Any form of movement is better … Continue reading 3 Walking Plans to Help you Lose Weight

7 Steps to Losing and Maintaining Weight after 40

How many different diets have you tried?   It drives me crazy seeing all the diets that people buy into. The worst are the diets that promise quick results by taking a pill or drinking a processed powder or prepackaged meal. I get it though, you want a quick fix and you need help planning … Continue reading 7 Steps to Losing and Maintaining Weight after 40

Review of One Year in Network Marketing

Nothing changes if Nothing changes In honor of my one year anniversary with network marketing, here is a review of this industry in a nut shell…it is what YOU make it. Women ages 18 and up are joining online marketing companies, starting blogs, posting positive quotes and listening to self-development.  If you are tuned into … Continue reading Review of One Year in Network Marketing

10 Things You can do Now to be Happier

Feeling Good Finding what makes you happy is good for your health. When you are able to find balance between family, friends and yourself, you are better able to deal with your emotions, both negative and positive. When challenges arrive you are more able to handle them. Problems are easier to solve and you feel … Continue reading 10 Things You can do Now to be Happier