How to Shift Your Skin Care Routine from Summer to Fall!

It’s time to swap out your light moisturizer for a thicker hydrating one! Don’t wait for your skin to be screaming for love!

With fall in right around the corner, it’s time to think about your skin. Fall brings cooler weather (warm fires and big blankets) and less humidity, which makes the air dry and your skin dry. Then we turn on the heat, and our skin begins to get dry, itchy and bring out excema.  You can be proactive and prevent these skin issues with the five tips from dermatologists.

Try a thicker moisturizer

It’s time to find a richer hydrator.  Finding essential and healthy fatty acids in your moisturizer that occur naturally in the skin will replenished your skin during the fall and into winter.”

Add a body lotion to the mix

When the humidity ends, the skin will begin to feel dry, because there is less moisture in the air.  The easiest way to prevent the dry, ichy skin is by loading up on moisturizer.  Not only will a body moisturizers hydrate the skin, it will be a protective covering keeping the hydration in.

Cut back on exfoliating

As the weather gets cooler, cutting back on the exfoliating is important.  Once a week will do the job and a mask once a week to help remove discoloration brought on by the summer sun.

Add in a Face Oil

Essential fatty acids are crucial to replenishing and maintaining the hydration in your skin.  The body can’t make them itself, so it’s important to get them from somewhere else.  Adding oil to your fall/winter routine protects your skin, rebuilds it and helps maintain its hydration.  Outside influences like cold temperatures, over-cleansing and low humidity contribute to skin dehydration.  Oil creates a barrier over the skin and speeds up the skin’s own healing process.

Invest in a humidifier

One great way to boost the hydration in your skin is by adding a humidifier.  This will put that moisture back in the air helping your skin stay hydrated.

Warm Wishes!  NicholaMarie

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