7 Ways to Make Your Eyes Appear Larger and Brighter!

Typically women desire to have youthful look forever.  However, nature does not work that way and we all begin to see the signs of aging. The good news is there are things we can do to brighten and widen our eyes in order to give us a more youthful look.

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Eyes are the main focus on our face.  When we make our eyes stand out, we create a more youthful appearance. Here are 7 quick and easy tips that will help your eyes appear larger and brighter! Video

Use primer/concealer on your eyelid: Putting a primer spray first will fill in fine lines and the light concealer will hold the eyeshadow longer and give it a more beautiful color.

Use a white translucent setting powder: By brushing on white setting powder next you will set the concealer and also create a blendable canvas for your eyeshadow.

Use light eye shadows:  A dark eye shadow will cause your eyes to appear smaller while a lighter color will open up and brighten your eyes. Adding a little shimmer of a white or very light color to the center of the lid and in the corners of your eyes will catch the light in a way that makes your eyes appear larger than they are.

Use eyeliner: When applying eyeliner apply it to the outer two thirds of your lid only.  Applying it to the entire lid will create a smaller eye.  Don’t forget the top lid as well, this gives a visual eyelift.

Use white eyeliner:  Using a white liner in your waterline (inside of eyelid) will provide brightness to your eyes that will give the allusion of larger eyes.

Use an eyelash curler and mascaraCurling your lashes before applying mascara will make your lashes stand out more and draw attention.

 Shape your eyebrows: Coloring in gaps and having a nice shape will create an eye opening effect and frame for your face.

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