About Me

We make our own happiness.  Having a balanced life that includes time for you is important.
We make our own happiness!

I am your every day full time working mom. By day I am an Education Consultant for the Department of Education and by night I teach and share
tips on how to feel fabulous as we begin the subtle changes of midlife.

I’m passionate about Living a healthy lifestyle that includes my mind, body and relationships. I strive to be the healthiest version of me as I age and help others to do the same.

Plan Workouts for the Month

Keeping your body moving each day is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. Some benefits of exercise is strengthening your heart, lungs, muscles and mind to name a few. Planning workouts ahead of time will help you hold yourself accountable.

Visit this page to find simple workouts to follow and challenges to motivate you.

Another great way is to download an app that gives you daily workouts. You don’t have to think about what to do, it will tell you how to do it and even time it for you! Added bonus…they are free. My favorite is called “30DayFitness.”


Plan Meals for the Month

Planning your dinners for the month will save you time, money and keep you eating healthy. Fill in a calendar with recipes you find online, copy the ingredients to create a monthly shopping list and buy everything possible for the month. Check out each months calendar I create for free on this page.


Plan Self-care

You often leave yourself for last which means many times you don’t do things you’d like to. Self-care is important for your physical and metal health, for your relationships with others and yourself. When you do things for yourself it feels good, and in return it builds confidence and creates positive feelings. Find ideas here on ways to balance your life between work, family and yourself.

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